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Title: Transforming Lives: A Milestone in Youth Work in Tower Hamlets.

I am delighted to announce a significant achievement in youth work within the London Borough of Tower Hamlets – the successful securing of £488,400 for the refurbishment and expansion of crucial youth facilities across the borough of Tower Hamlets. In my role as the Strategic Youth Lead, this marked one of my initial tasks following leading a previous successful round in the City of Doncaster.

During my tenure in Doncaster, I successfully secured funding as part of the modern module construction pilot. Additionally, I played a pivotal role in obtaining funds for the design and creation of the EPIC Youth Hub in the Frenchgate Shopping Centre. Collaborating with an exceptional team and esteemed partners, including Tony Sidebottom at Collective Design and Print, brings a smile to my face every time I pass the Hub on my way to catch the train to London.

So in my role in Tower Hamlets I was keen to replicate the success I had experienced

in Doncaster. So today it official all those weeks and months of hard work has paved the way for a significant investment in Youth Centre for all young people across the borough.

This accomplishment is a testament to the wonderful team I worked with at Tower Hamlets highlighting our commitment to providing essential support and opportunities for young people to grow and flourish.

This achievement is part of a broader initiative that celebrates the allocation of over £90 million in Youth Investment Fund grants across England. These funds will positively impact 140 youth projects, benefiting nearly 20,000 more young individuals. The commitment to providing essential support and opportunities for youth development is evident in the significant capital grants exceeding £82 million, as well as smaller refurbishment grants exceeding £8 million.

The Culture Secretary, Lucy Frazer, marked this occasion with a ribbon-cutting celebration at the Chichester Shed, the first new build youth centre to open its doors. The Chichester Shed, run by Chichester Community Development Trust, exemplifies the transformative power of the Youth Investment Fund grant, creating a safe haven for young people in an underserved area.

Welcoming Lucy Frazer, Clare de Bathe, CEO for the Chichester Community Development Trust, highlighted the project's potential: "The Youth Investment Fund grant has enabled the project ideas to be brought to reality, and we cannot wait to open the doors!"

Lucy Frazer, the Culture Secretary, emphasised her commitment to providing every young person with someone to talk to, something to do, and somewhere to go. This aligns with the broader vision of the Youth Investment Fund, which has now committed to building or refurbishing over 220 projects in underserved areas, offering countless opportunities for skill development and personal growth.

Nick Temple, CEO for Social Investment Business, emphasized the transformative impact of the Youth Investment Fund on youth services nationwide. He stated, "The Youth Investment Fund is truly unlocking potential and creating a legacy for future generations of young people in communities like this across the country."

Leigh Middleton, Chief Executive of the National Youth Agency, echoed this sentiment, emphasising the radical transformation that the Youth Investment Fund grants will bring to communities in need. Through high-quality youth work, the goal is to address health and wellbeing, identity exploration, and the forging of new friendships.

Conclusion: This is a momentous step forward in creating a brighter future for the youth in Tower Hamlets and beyond. The secured funding and the broader Youth Investment Fund initiative represent a commitment to investing in our youth, ensuring they have the support and opportunities needed to reach their full potential. Together, let's continue to empower young minds, transform lives, and build a stronger, more resilient future.

This accomplishment underscores my ongoing commitment to enhancing youth services and providing valuable spaces for growth and development. I look forward to witnessing the positive impact these refurbished facilities will have on the youth in Tower Hamlets and continuing our mission to create thriving spaces for young individuals across different communities

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