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The Science & Art of RedEverywhere

RedEverywhere is a progressive and forward looking company. As a company we specialise in designing bespoke, personalised and tailored positive experiences for young people, delivering training for the children & young people’s workforce and providing talented people to empower young people to transform their lives and improve their aspirations.

Red Everywhere thrives on creativity and fresh new thinking, working with individuals that create solutions, celebrate entrepreneurship, stands for justice, and believe in the progress of common good. We see them as visionaries and we approach each project as an opportunity to lend a hand in the pursuit of great work; an opportunity to breathe life into that vision.

Our greatest joys come from watching the evolution and creativity of people. Red Everywhere is fuelled by this daily evolution, experienced and driven by a small team of professionals. We are about our collective experiences, the stories we share and the solutions we develop to inspire and instil belief in the possible and impossible.

As innovators in our field we see Red Everywhere’s proven skills being used in even more new arenas; we will continue to develop flexible, robust, cutting edge advantages for an even broader portfolio of clients, locally and nationally. The Red Everywhere brand differentiates itself by its commitment to social value that remains close to the art of social innovation and the dynamism of our mission which sets the tone for a different kind of science.

Red Everywhere is now accepting work requests for interesting projects, organisations, partnerships or ideas. If you need more information or you would like to arrange a time to meet us, head across to our Contact Page and email across your details.

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