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Funding & Bid Writing

Providing Grant and Bid Aplication Solutions

Crafting successful funding proposals for charitable trusts, the National Lottery, or government funding sources demands both time and expertise. However, it stands out as one of the most cost-effective means of securing financial support, boasting a commendable return on investment and a relatively short payback period.

The challenge for many organisations lies in their limited capacity and, at times, a lack of experience in composing funding proposals. This field of work demands dedication, with proposals varying in production time from a few hours to a week. Moreover, sizable funding requests often necessitate detailed business plans or evaluations, which can be time-consuming.

RedEverywhere's proficiency in crafting funding strategies is highlighted through our proven track record of developing comprehensive plans tailored to diverse organisational needs. Whether it be generating significant capital sums or securing ongoing revenue, our team has successfully navigated the intricacies of funding landscapes. This strategic foresight is integral to our commitment to VCOs, offering them a clear pathway to financial sustainability.

Marcus Isman-Egal notes, "While most organizations can generate funds through bid writing, not all possess the time or knowledge to do so successfully. With promising returns on investment, funding proposals for charitable causes prove to be an extremely cost-effective approach to fundraising."

Whether you require assistance with a significant funding proposal or support in initiating and managing a series of funding bids, our team is ready to lend a hand.


Our support encompasses pivotal elements such as formulating the case for support (or project materials), conducting prospect research to pinpoint potential funders, and, if necessary, offering hands-on assistance in preparing applications. Additionally, we extend our services to reviewing bids you plan to submit independently through our bid review service.

Bid & Tender Writing 

Funding Review & Health Check

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