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Consultancy & Training 

Introducing RedEverywhere Consultancy: Your Partner in Comprehensive Project Support. 

RedEverywhere Consultancy stands as a beacon of support, offering a diverse array of services to guide you through various projects, ranging from strategic business development to crafting effective funding strategies. Our expertise extends to conducting thorough assessments of needs and facilitating insightful consultations to ensure that your initiatives are set on a path to success.

At RedEverywhere Consulting, we pride ourselves on providing invaluable assistance in bid writing and adeptly navigating the complex landscape of identifying suitable funding routes. Our dedicated team is committed to supporting you at every step, ensuring a seamless and successful process.

Marcus Isman-Egal, the driving force behind RedEverywhere Consultancy, brings a wealth of experience having collaborated with a spectrum of organizations, both statutory and grassroots youth work entities. Over the past five years, Marcus has demonstrated his proficiency by successfully leveraging over six million pounds from a diverse range of funding bodies.

With RedEverywhere Consultancy by your side, rest assured that your projects will receive the meticulous attention and strategic insight they deserve. Let us be your trusted partner in achieving your goals and turning aspirations into tangible, impactful outcomes.

We offer a free 30-minute online consultation to explore your needs and ensure we meet your expressed requirements.

Click Here to send an email request for a free consultation- Please include a contact number. 

Programme Managaement and Consultancy 

Funding and Bid Development Support 

24 hour access

On Going Support Available 

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